Fur fragment a pelliccia

Date unknown, I-Taranto. UK-London, Natural History Museum, Invertebrates I (Mollusca)
(MS Inventory 41)

Sea-silk fur a pelliccia, stitched with yellow cotton thread, rear dark-brown, hand-sewn, blue running stitch (probably new). Lining old, pink-colored; brown liner made of silk, 10.5 x 25 cm

Information: «unspun fibers handsewn on fabric as a shaggy mat (approx. 600 x 400mm?). Gift 1979-80, from Taranto»

Fur fragment
Fur fragment, date unknown, I-Taranto. UK-London, Natural History Museum (MS Inventory 41)

Label: British Museum (Natural History), 198090, 'cloth' made from a large number of byssus threads of Pinna nobilis Linné from Taranto, Italy. Pres. Mrs. E.M. Parsons on behalf of Mr. R.E.R. Parsons (see corresp. 124/1979 &136/1980)

Handwritten label: Anyes (?) Cottage, This is to your museum. It is made from the secretion of fish caught in S. Italy. I got it from an old woman at Taranto – very rare now as the fishermen don’t bother to put it together... N.G. Strangenay (?)

McKinley 1998 compared this object with the color photography in Mastrocinque (1928), where the manufacturing of sea-silk fur is described.