Ladies glove

18th century?, E-Minorca. UK-London, Natural History Museum, Department of Zoology, Invertebrates I (Mollusca) (MS Inventory 16)

Sea-silk, plain knitting right, pointed at the wrist, thumb and index finger open, fingernail covered, wrist with two rows knitting left, with left stitches decreased for the thumb, length 36 cm, wrist breadth 7.5 cm

Label: British Museum (Natural History), glove woven from byssus threads of Pinna nobilis, Sir Hans Sloane Collection

Appleby 1997 writes about this glove: «The Duke (of Richmond) gave Sloane another byssus glove in the collection, from Minorca (formerly) Port Mahon, captured in 1708 by General James Stanhope); the two previous entries – pearls from the Pinna, and ‚The Byssus from that pinna‘ – indicate that all three items originally belonged to Martin Lister.»

Sources: MacGregor 1994, Way 1994, McKinley 1998

Ladies glove, 18th c.? E-Minorca. UK-London, Natural History Museum (MS Inventory 16)