Two cord endings with byssus fibre beard

about 1918, I-Sardinia. Private collection (MS Inventory 49 and 50)

«Fiocchi confezionati in Bisso marino dal dottor Basso Arnoux»,
I Carloforte CA,

Byssus fibre beard grasped in two crocheted balls, with cord, fibre beard grasped in metal loop and ring

Catani (2000) mentions these two cords as produced by Basso Arnoux. They are also depicted in Campi (2005).

Two cords with byssus fibre beard
Fiocchi confezionati in bisso marino dal dottor Basso-Arnoux, I-Carloforte CA,
20th c. Privat collection
(MS Inventory 49 and 50)