Sea-silk - Muschelseide

is sea-silk, byssus or byssus silk, pinna silk; frequent are periphrases: silk from the sea, silk of Pina (sic!); historical: marine wool, marine byssus, sea-wool, fish wool, silkworm of the sea.
In trade and tariff lists we find also the term hair of pinne marine.

Noble pen shell - Edle Steckmuschel

The noble pen shell has different names: fan mussel, rough pen shell, pen shell, seawing.

Beard of pen shell - Faserbart der Steckmuschel

The beard of the pen shell is named byssus, tuft of byssus fibres, Pinna beard, mussel beard, byssus fibre, holdfast.

Byssus in the bible

In English translations from the Latin Vulgate Bible, we find for the term Byssus: linen, white linen, fine linen, Egyptian linen, clothes of byssus; but also silk.
Bysso ritorta is twined linen.